Friday, August 9, 2013


My new friend Patrick (a.k.a. "Mad Pat") asked what countries I have skied in. Since I have not counted in a while, it is time for a status report.

Below you will find a breakdown of the countries per continent, along with pointers to some of the blog articles from those countries.

There are 38 countries on the list, but I may have forgotten a country somewhere...

Europe - 23 countries:

First, the below figure shows approximate destinations. In reality, I often end up bundling several trips together, and, of course, skiing as a side activity on some other trip.

The places that I have skied in Finland are:

North America - 2 countries:

  • United States
  • Canada

The 18 states that I have visited are:

  • Alaska (Alyeska)
  • Arizona (Snowbowl)
  • California (Big Bear, Heavenly, Mt. Shasta, Sugarbowl, Squaw Valley, and Kirkwood)
  • Colorado (Breckenridge and Copper Mountain)
  • Connecticut (Sundown)
  • Maine (Sunday River)
  • Massachusetts (Nashoba Valley)
  • Nevada (Heavenly)
  • New Hampshire (Bretton Woods)
  • New York (Whiteface)
  • Oregon (Mt. Ashland)
  • Pennsylvania (Camelback)
  • Utah (Alta, Snowbird, Snowbasin)
  • Vermont (Mad River Glen)
  • Virginia (Wintergreen)
  • Washington (White Pass)
  • Wyoming (Jackson Hole)
  • British Columbia, Canada (Whistler and Blackcomb)

South America - 4 countries:

Oceania - 1 country: 

  • New Zealand (Mt. Ruapehu, Treblecone, and Wanaka)

Asia - 6 countries:

Africa - 2 countries:

In other news, my ankle is in reasonable shape. However, as it healed, my knee become very painful. When one body part is ill, you start walking in a different manner and soon another part gets overstressed. I'm waiting for the knee to finish healing, and then for my hip to start giving the next signs of trouble... but hoping for the best.

The opening picture in this article is taken by my friend Tero's summer ski explorations in Zillertal. When me met later in Berlin, it was one of the rare moments when he had skis with him, but I did not. But in a couple of days both of us will head to the winter side of the planet...

Photo credits (c) 2013 by Tero Kivinen and the Great Circle Mapper.

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