Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Snow Report

June 2nd. Sunny, temperature 25 degrees Celsius. I should be able to find some skiing, right? But the Grani slope seems all too green. Perhaps I should try skiing in Sahara? But I find only sand. But then my luck turned...

The winter season was the longest in living memory. So I was hoping that there might be some snow left even in June. But no. The Grani slope is all grass, not even the tiniest spot of snow left. Oh well. It doesn't stop me from skiing it. Although I should have come earlier, the long, fresh grass is not slippery enough to be skied. Dead, dry grass from last year would be better.

Nevertheless, my son tells me that he's seen snow in Sahara a couple of weeks ago. I head there. Not the one in Africa, he is referring to the Sahara football field in Kauniainen. Turns out that the big mounds of snow built during the heavy winter have all melted. So no luck there either.

But the snow dumping ground in Kauniainen is a bit more promising. I find snow, albeit dirty and covered by sand and garbage. I don't feel like trying that today, so I continue my search.

My last hope is the skating rink. Finally, I have found snow! The pile is not large, but it is continuously replenished as the indoor rink ice gets maintained. I manage maybe half a turn. Yet another weekend, yet another new ski experience.

Photos and videos (c) 2013 by Jari Arkko

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  1. Time to go sand skiing at Monte Kaolino in Germany perhaps?