Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Eiffel tower. It is high but not skiable.

I hate my job. Now I have to go to Paris for two weeks. In spring! What a dreadful city!

Seriously though, I love Paris. And I'll be participating in three very interesting meetings on Internet technology (the smart object security workshop, the IETF, and IPSO).

But obviously, I don't love Paris enough to not try to escape during the two weekends that I will be there. I want to find snow! I packed my skis and other gear on the trip, and now I'll just have to find snow.

On the first weekend I have one free day, Saturday, and I was thinking of taking the TGV and checking out the world's longest indoor ski slope. (The big question is if it is also the world's least steep ski slope, but we'll see.) On the second weekend I have two days. What should I do? What's the easiest place to find real skiing?


Photo credits (c) 2010 by Jari Arkko

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