Friday, March 16, 2012


Skiing Treble Cone, New Zealand

I'm thinking of making an excursion to Estonia on Sunday to see what kind of ski hills they have. Anyone want to join?

I realize it is pretty bad weather for this. Or at least here in Finland it has been too warm in recent days, the spring is coming and snow is disappearing. It would be more fun to go when the entire landscape is covered in snow. I might even get to ski something in Tallinn or some other place that is not on a ski area. 

Skinning up a live volcano, Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand

But that is precisely why I am going. I've been working too hard for the last couple of weeks, building too many prototypes and coding too late in the night. I have not skied anywhere except on the local hill. My last trip to big mountains was a whopping three weeks ago. The snow is disappearing, summer is coming, panic is setting in. Must ski!

Does anyone have any information on Estonian ski areas? What do you recommend? The only one that I have found from Google is Kuutsemae. Do they still have snow? If I stay there for 6-8 hours and rent a car, do I have time to visit nearby countries as well? What if I take a boat and stay in Estonia for three hours, would I have enough time to check out Kuutsemae?

Grani by Night

Photo credits (c) 2010-2012 by Tero Kivinen and Jari Arkko

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