Sunday, March 31, 2024

Hot in HEL

Go against the flow - from HEL to SIN this time. On my way to the IETF meeting in Brisbane. First row seat on this first leg at the appropriately hot lounge in HEL.

And it is bliss. This is such a nice lounge, cannot think of any other lounge that I would prefer over it, merely based on the sauna!

Some complaints though, it closes already at 17:30. Since my flight was around midnight, I came to the airport 6 hours earlier just to experience it :-) Can we PLEASE extend the lounge times of the Platinum lounge, Finnnair? (Not that it may matter for me... I will lose my status soon, flying less.)

Once the better lounge was closed, I migrated to the business lounge. At times it felt like I was at the Moomin Valley International airport, though:

Back in the better lounge, the classic they have is the reindeer burger:

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