Monday, June 5, 2023

Uimahalli Aurinkoinen


I have both bad and fond memories from my childhood and the swimming pool in Kerava. The one bad memory is from someone stealing my pocket money at age 11 or something. Well lesson learned, about leaving money in pockets without lockers :-) Might have lost a whopping half a euro. This happened in the old outdoor pool setup that they had in the 1970s. But the many, many happy memories are particularly from the new swimming hall, one of the first ones in Finland that was built to "spa" like standards in the 1980s. I visited this place so often!

However, the swimming hall has yet again reborn after a long renovation, and is now in the 2020s standards, very nice place. Two saunas and one steam room. A main pool (25m), a kiddie pool, a cold plunge pool, and two-pool activity/warm pool area.

Much recommended. Here is their web page: link.

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