Sunday, March 27, 2022

Make the trip to the airport count


Conference is over, time to head to the airport. How about an early wakeup, and trying to make the trip count as something interesting? I headed to the hotel sauna, then hit slopes in Semmering (one hour away), climbed and lidar-scanned a couple of caves, and still had time to check the apres ski in St. Corona ski resort :-) There was none.

I was pleased, particularly given that my week had been plagued by some health issues, quarantining for two days because some friends I had seen had gotten the corona, and then later being stuck in my hotel room because my ankle had gotten so bad that I could not walk. But miraculously, two days later I was able to ski and climb. Actually, driving still hurt a bit, that seemed more stressful for my feet.

Sauna photos:

Semmering slope photos:

Caves -- I visited the smaller Schrägaufzughöhle (N 47.630844:E 15.837343) and bigger and nicer Semmeringhalbhöhle (N 47.631123 E 15.836432).

Very nice experience, even though it was a bit hard to climb the steep snowy and icy hillside. The caves were not far from the road, maybe hundred meters, but they were also almost that far higher as well :-) 

I also recorded a lidar-scanned 3D model from both caves, and used my "Cave Outliner" software to generate a map from them. The maps are here and here, and the models are available here and here. To get a demonstration of how to play with the Semmeringhalbhöhle model on your own browser screen, click here.


Finally, the St. Corona slopes had already closed week or two ago, but you could still ski them. But the village was empty. Photos:

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