Monday, April 19, 2021

First cross section from a 3D model

I've been trying constructing 3D models from few caves with the LiDAR sensors in iPhone. While I've been able to rotate these models on screen easily, I also wanted to see whether I could construct more traditional maps from these models. But it has been a big learning curve to use the 3D modelling software. Today, with the help of Olli, I finally managed to make my first cross section of a cave model in Blender

I used the model from the main cave in Vihti's Rokokallio as the starting point. This is a vertical cross section of the main crack in this cave, the darker areas are the cave holes and the lighter areas are rock. With a complete model, I can make these cross sections along any axis or from any part of the cave.

A lot of work remains... but this is a nice start.

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