Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Rainy day

When an opportunity opens up, one has to take it, even if the weather is -- as the Engelberg tourist office said -- "very bad".  I had a couple of friends joining the trip, originally, but they all bailed out citing "heavy rain" and "100 km/h winds" as reasons. But, I had a nice ski day.

The day was nice because I had good clothing and the visor helmet that protects me from getting wet better than regular goggles. And because the mountain was still skiable, there really wasn't any crowds anywhere, because i managed to see a small crack cave next to the slopes, and because at the top of Titlis there's an ice cave that tourists can walk through. And because there was a nice sauna at the airport Hilton in Zürich, the base where I'll be staying during my meeting week. Not bad for this weather!

Also, I saved the testing of my new yellow Everest jacket for a rainy day. It worked, even if the weather was this bad. A bit warm jacket though, can only be used in colder days. My old ski pants on the other hand, were leaking somewhat. Perhaps I should re-treat them with the suitable chemicals.

Here's how it looked from the lift:

I rented a car to Engelberg from Hertz, and they were nice enough to give me a brand new Mercedes 350, with a heads-up display and other goodies:

Lunch at the top of Titlis, with a view (?):

More rainy pictures:

The walkway towards the Titlis top lift:

Discussions with the tourist office, and webcam pictures:

Bus at the end of the ski run:

The author, dripping wet:

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