Monday, May 27, 2019

Yacht hotel. And a sauna. Obviously.

Spending the night right in Stockholm's old town? On a yacht? With an excellent sauna heated up just for you? For 1000 SEK (100€) a night? Enter Mälardrottningen... not bad at all!

For work, I need to stay in Kista, north of Stockholm a lot. But I try to vary my hotels just to see what's nice, and to test different saunas. This week I found that there's many boat hotels in Stockholm, and I decided to stay in town rather than up north. It takes a bit more time to ride the trains to the town, but the prices are quite affordable. For instance, it is cheaper to stay in the Mälardrottningen than in the usual hotel in Kista. And they don't even have a sauna!

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