Saturday, October 20, 2018

Berghof Hintertux Wellnesshotel

On my recent trip to Austria, I stayed for a few days in Hintertux at the Berghof Hintertux Wellnesshotel. Hintertux is already by itself an amazing environment with the green hills and towering mountains and glaciers. But the Berghof turned out to be perhaps the best sauna & spa hotel that I've been to!

Nine saunas alltogether, from infrared to regular Finnish saunas to panoramasaunas... and do you know what is a "textilesauna"? Turns out that given the Austrian style of mixed-but-naked sauna rules, they also had a couple of saunas for the children or those who did not want to be naked in the sauna-areas. Those saunas are called textilesaunas, as you were swimsuits in them.

Interesting cultural differences. In Finland public saunas are usually not mixed, and when they are they are what the Austrians would call textilesaunas. There are some exceptions of course in Finland as well, but suits on or separate saunas is the general approach.

Pictures from Berghof's pools & saunas:

Meals at the hotel were also excellent:

I did not visit this as it was closed, but in Hintertux there is also the highest thermal bath of Europe. Here is their pool:

Photos (c) 2018 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved. Photos taken with permission, when the facility was closed and when there were no other guests.

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