Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Ultimate Frustration

What's the point of working so hard that you cannot do the things you love? I feel like I'm far too busy. To add insult to the injury, this week I'm visiting one of the greatest ski destinations in the world, Sapporo, but there isn't yet any snow, and even if there were, I would not have time to go to the mountains.

I did, of course, explore a bit. But in the night.

What I found was the Mt. Moiwa ski area, on top of a popular sightseeing mountain almost in the centre of Sapporo. Two days ago they had a dusting of snow, but no longer. Armed with miniskis and headlamp, I found the ski lifts and the slopes, and even skied for a few meters. But not on snow, on what seemed like a half-abandoned hay field on an incline. Scattered with the remains of recently cut bushes. There's nothing that makes you dislike falling as much foot long sharp wooden sticks sticking out of the ground.

How about some real skiing and real time off soon? Anybody? Hello...?

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