Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Skis

Having come back from the tropics, it feels surprisingly good to be in cold air, on a shiny white ski hill. And particularly with new skis!

Today I took my Salomon Rockers to the repair shop, the last few trips have been really hard on them. I think they can still be repaired, but I've been hitting rocks a lot.

And I finally got myself a pair of faster skis, the Atomic Race D2 GS skis. These are thin and long (191cm) skis with a 27 meter turn radius. They are for the previous, not current official race standards, so they were very affordable. I did not get them for all-mountain skiing, but for the few occasions when I want to ski fast.

And while testing on the Kauniainen ski hill is naturally limited, the skis feel very fast. As the speed picks up, the skis feel like they come alive. I've always had skis that fidget in higher speeds, but these skis just run like a train, unaffected by minor disturbances. I was warned that they might be hard to control or turn, but it did not seem to be too hard. Maybe the years of practice us older skiers have gotten from the pre-historic, pre-carving days helps :-)

I feel excited. Want to take them for more rides in the coming evenings.

Football field next to the Grani ski area:

Photos (c) 2015 by Jari Arkko

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