Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This is very embarrassing, but I have never walked to a ski hill. I've taken airplanes, cars, boats, and even helicopters and horses, but never walked the whole way to a ski hill. But today I walked to my home hill, in nice weather and at +12 C temperature. After just 15 minutes I was there. Boots in the backpack and skis attached to its side. Very nice! I recommend this method of travel for myself also in the future! :-)

Well, not everyone has a ski area near enough for walking. For me it used to be never possible. But for the last ten years I have lived in the same place and it would have been possible to walk. Yet I always took the car, why? There are of course some excuses, and maybe the least bad one is that I often needed to transport kids as well.

I was just so positively surprised how easy the walk was. By car the trip is longer than by walking. When walking, I can enter the ski hill from the direction of my home, at the top. By car I have to go around the hill to reach the parking lot at the bottom. And when coming back, if there were snow on the walking paths, it would be almost possible to slide all the way back. I had not realised how much fun the walk is. Local hills ♥♥♥
Oh, and many of us think that the winter is over, or even that it never arrived. But the Grani hill is open long into April - at least the first week if not more. And the snow quality is still excellent. Everyone, join us for some skiing in the warm sunshine!

Here are some "diamonds" on the slope:

The video:

And the racing is still on:

And here I'm packed up and ready to go back home:

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