Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back to Kauniainen

Climbing up

This year our season opened in November. The first day involved skiing mostly in grass and rock, with just a small bit of snow here and there. On the second day we had plenty of snow, even a few turns in powder. And a strenuous hike up through the blast from the snow making machines, and the two feet of sticky wet snow that they had already been produced in some spots.

But it was a wonderful experience. So many people dislike bad weather. I just love it when there's a storm, bad visibility, or night. As long as you deal with safety, clothing, and routing properly, these times can be far more rewarding than outings in sunshine. Hopefully the photos in this blog convey some sense of beautiful scenery and colors that we experienced.

Snow plumes and lights at the top

Watch the "it is the best skiing Kauniainen has today" video:

This is a continuation of my earlier story about the local ski hill in Kauniainen. The first skier of the year on the hill was Janne.

The first skier in the grassy part

Our first days were on Thursday and Friday, and now Sunday I dropped by the ski area as well. I counted sixteen people on the slope, some on snowboards, some on skis, some with sleds. A very popular hill, considering that it was late in the evening with and the weather was quite cold, -13 degrees Celsius.

The snow machines are working day and night, and the rumor has it that the ski area might open mid-December.

A view of the hill

Photography in front of the snow making machinery


Reaching the top

Turn marks

Snow in the making

Walking up

Frozen grass

Photo and video credits (c) 2012 by Jari Arkko and Jarmo Ruuth

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