Saturday, May 26, 2012

Glacier du Kauniainen

The glacier

Global warming is real. I can tell it by the speed that Glacier du Kauniainen is melting. Luckily the glacier always grows back in December for some reason. Maybe some temporary ice age that always hits us at that time.
Melting in progress


Last week I wrote about our supposedly last ski run in Kauniainen. Well, it turned out that there is still snow left this weekend. Not much, only about a meter and half. It is probably gone by the end of the day, so this will the real end of the season.


With such as small patch of snow, the skiing was not that great. So I went to the top of the hill and tried grass skiing as well. I figured that with the 9.90€ miniskis, it wouldn't matter so much if there'd be damage to the skis. To my surprise it was possible to ski the grass all the way down. Though it would have been better had the slope been much steeper. The ski hill in Kauniainen is already pretty steep, so this just goes to show that friction on grass is far higher than on snow. Interestingly, dead grass is also more slippery than growing grass.

Grass skiing

Photo and video credits (c) 2012 by Jari and Janne Arkko

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