Monday, January 2, 2012

Skiing the Garbage Hill

Getting high in Helsinki
Janne and I skied the Garbage Hill today. Garbage Hill (jätemäki), or Malminkartanon huippu as it is officially called is the highest point in Helsinki, 90 meters above the sea level. The city's longest stairs, 426 steps took us to the top. The reason for the hill's name is that it is completely man-made. It has been the dumping ground for excess dirt since the 1970s.

It started snowing today, and by now the snow depth is about two inches. Not enough to ski the steep forested parts of the hill, but enough to slide through the walking path. The winds at the top were fierce, however.

Skiing here can be quite good if the conditions are right. Think one meter of powder on a good year (but we just had two, need to wait a couple of decades for the next ones).

Obviously our visit to Garbage Hill today was not that great skiing, but okay for an evening's outdoors exercise. Plus I needed to test my new camera.

I have some ideas for further trips near Helsinki that are perhaps more interesting. Contact me if you want to join.

Cool boot fitting exercise at the top

Stairway to heaven

Photo Credits (c) 2012 by Jari Arkko

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  1. Clearly, something is wrong with the video. I need more testing with my new camera to figure out what... anyone has experience with Nikon D7000 and mencoder?